Communiqué on Nigeria-Sweden Business Summit, Stockholm 13-14 November 2015

NIDO Sweden chapter hosted the Nigerians In Diaspora Organisation (NIDOE) statutory AGM 2015 event which was enriched with a Business Summit and a summit dinner.

This unique event was organized in collaboration with the Chamber Trade (Swedish Chamber of Commerce), the Swedish-West Africa Chamber of Commerce and the Nigerian Embassy to the Nordic countries. NIDO pulled together both government agencies like (NIPC ) and a number of small and medium scale enterprises to shade light on the important subject of Foreign Direct Investment and the bottlenecks that have  continued to hamper smooth trade transactions between Nigeria and Sweden.

The leadership and members of NIDO Europe converged in Stockholm between 13th-14th November 2015 to determine the role it will play towards achieving a strong, sustainable and balanced growth for achieving the prosperity of our people and to reaffirm its resolve to work towards achieving these objectives.

In pursuance of these objectives, NIDOE adopted a comprehensive agenda this year around the three pillars of decisive implementation of our past commitments to deliver on our promises, boosting investments as a powerful driver of growth and promoting inclusiveness in our actions so to ensure shared prosperity. We have also enhanced our dialogue with Sweden, a highly advanced economy and key ally with the developing countries as part of our implementation of this agenda

 During the business summit, corporate participants and government agencies received the unique opportunity to close ranks and partner with potential Swedish investors and solution providers. Over twenty companies were invited. Among them were Againity AB on renewable energy and Solvatten AB on water purification, both essentials needs of our people. It is important to note that both are environmentally friendly products. Corporate visits to selected companies offering solutions made in Sweden was arranged and facilitated by our official Swedish partner (CTS) that assisted us in identifying corporate solution providers for our participants. We are glad to announce that business arrangements are going on with both Companies, on trading with Nigeria to provide solution in their areas of specialization.

In his opening remarks Chairman of the NIDOE organization, Dr. George Ahamefula Manuwuike emphasized on numerous benefits of NIDO and the significance of its collaborative partnership between Sweden and Nigeria.

In his capacity as the Social, Welfare & Events Director of NIDO Europe as well as the Coordinating Chairman for NIDO Worldwide, Dr. Camillus Konkwo moderator of the Nigerian- Sweden Business Summit and NIDO Europe AGM glorified the summit as one that identified Swedish solution providers as potent partners and source of unique Intellectual Capital needed to solve challenges impeding the advancement  of Nigeria. We concluded that NIDO Europe has opened the Scandinavian  business corridor and inspired Sweden to explore the most attractive business destination in Africa – Nigeria. We highly appreciation the excellent collaboration with NIDO.

On his part, Sweden chapter led by Mr. Ernest Ngadiuba ably led his Chapter Executives and generously hosted his august guests to an outstanding Business Summit, an elaborate summit dinner and an AGM never seen in the history of NIDO Europe.

Charge´ d’ Affaires at the Nigeria Embassy Stockholm, Mrs. Jane Ada Ndem, remarked that Nigeria had a peaceful and successful democratic transition which witnessed the transfer of political power/leadership from one elected government and political party to another. Such a successful transition of political power by an African country is an indication that the country has matured democratically and has entered into another phase to deliver on the aspirations of our people and offer them democratic dividend.


Today, we need to celebrate the remarkable resilience of the Nigerian spirit, taking cognizance of the potential of the force in the Diaspora.  We will not relent in our efforts to transform the knowledge we acquire in our host environment into tangible and visible impact at home.

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Nigerians in Diaspora organization in Europe (NIDOE) is the umbrella Diaspora organization for all Nigerian professionals across Europe. As the interface between the Federal Government of Nigeria and Nigerian residents in Europe, NIDOE engages in Foreign Direct Investment to Nigeria as well as scientific, cultural or other areas of interest for the country. In line with the aim of the new government lead by President Buhari in Nigeria, NIDOE held Nigerian- Sweden Business Summit as part of this year activities of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Stockholm themed “A Collaborative Platform for Sustainable Business Relationship” which focused on investment, partnership and other issues relating to Foreign Directs Investment and how it affects large and small scale business in Nigeria.