Imam Muhammad Ashafa & Pastor James Wuye`s visit to the Nordic states

At the Nigerian Embassy, Chargé d’affaires Minister Mrs Naomi Chukwumaeze had invited a number of the diplomatic Corps for a delicious lunch and a showing of the film An African Answer’ about the workshop the two Nigerians had led in Kenya after the fateful elections there 2007.

Diplomats from Botswana, Egypt, Eritrea, Morocco, Sudan and Zambia joined in the discussion afterwards.2011-03-14

At Rinkeby, Imam Ashafa and Pastor Wuye also had a lively encounter with all the senior class students of the secondary school, which is nationally renowned as an outstanding school.

pictures_at_Embassy_and_African_horn_gathering2 pictures_at_Embassy_and_African_horn_gathering  

A lunch during the August visit of the pastor James & Imam Muhammad

The nigerian Charge d`affais played host to the Imam Muhammad Ashafa & Pastor James Wu

During their visit to Nordic states

Across section of Audience at a gathering in Rinkeby Stockholm.