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The UK-South Chapter with headquarters in London and covering Greater London, the Southern Counties and Wales (LOSCAW) and The UK-North Chapter with headquarters in Manchester and covering the Midlands, the North, Scotland and Northern Ireland (MINSCONI).
UK South
Mr. Kayode Ogunsola
Chairman NIDOE UK South
C/o Nigeria High Commission
Nurtumbaland ,Central London
The General Secretary
Mr Saeed Omar
Strassburger Str. 4
Berlin, Germany.
Dr. Olusola Rufai
28 Kypselis Street
Athens Greece
Tel: 00 302 1088 26463
Dr Ifeanyi Nwamba (Chair)
c/o Dr Ifeanyi Nwamba
Via G. Macchi 78
00133 Roma, Italy
Tel: +390 6202 5502
Fax: +390 6663 3034
Mob: 393 3960 10672
Mr Dozie Okonkwo (Chair)
c/o Embassy of Nigeria
Attn. Ernst Anaba
Wagnaarweg 5
2597LL The Hague
Office: +31 70 311 6214
Mr Andrew Idu
C/o Portugal, 26 10D

Articles of Association for NIDO Sweden

§ 1 Name

The organisation’s name is NIDO Sweden. The association is politically and religiously independent.

§ 2 AIM

NIDO Sweden has as aims: -    Forum to discuss ideas which will benefit Nigeria and Nigerians -    To establish contact with Swedish organisations for the purpose of explaining, discussing and implementing projects to improve the economical, social democratic and intellectual situation in Nigeria

§ 3 Membership

Membership is open to persons who have a university degree or equivalent, professional or vocational certificate(s), or/and honorary awards by the Federal Government Nigeria. A university degree, professional or vocational certificates shall only be recognised and deemed valid if and only if it/they are awarded by any certified institution(s) worldwide. Members are persons who will forward the aims of the association and may be of either sex, faith or political views and who also have paid the membership dues as stated in § 5. Membership may be refused to persons who are hostile to immigrants or are members of such associations or other organisations which is degrading to humans.

§ 4 Association’s Structure

The association's highest deciding body is the annual general meeting Other organs in decreasing order are:
- Extraordinary annual general meeting.

- Association meeting.

- Extraordinary association meeting.

- Board.
- Committees.

- Auditor.

- Elected officers

§ 5 Fees

Members are to pay in an annual membership fee that is decided at the annual general meeting. Membership fees can be paid directly to the Treasurer, association account or however the board decides. Membership is valid for 1 year from the date of payment.

§ 6 Resignation

A member has the right at any time, after informing the board, to resign from the association. Members who have not paid the membership fees within the stipulated time will be deemed as having resigned.

§ 7 Expulsion

Membership can be revoked if:

- The member does not fulfil the requirements according to § 3.

- The member works against the association’s activities.

- The member demeans the association or damages the reputation in any other way.

Matters concerning expulsion is decided by the board and can be appealed against during an association meeting. The result about expulsion shall be sent in writing to the person concerned Appeals must be sent to the board within two (2) weeks after their written decision is received. The board then has two (2) weeks to convene an extraordinary association meeting for a final decision.

§ 8 Board members

The boards shall consist of at least three (3) and maximum seven (7) persons including the Chairperson. The board picks its own officers except for the post of Chairperson. The Annual general meeting picks the Chairperson as well as the other board members for a period of 1 year.

§ 9 Authorised Signatories

The board decides the signatories for the association accounts

§ 10 Financial Year

The association’s work and financial year is the calendar year.

§ 11 Association meetings

The members right in the running of the association is practised during the association meetings which can be either the AGM, extraordinary AGM, normal association meeting or extraordinary association meeting. At each meeting every member has the right to one vote.
Non members, invited by committee member or normal members, may attend the associations meetings. However they have no rights to vote or speak. However they can be allowed to speak if the chairman allows.

§ 12 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM must be held no later than April 10 at a time and place decided by the committee. Members must be informed of the date of the AGM no later than 1 month before. Invitation to the AGM shall be sent in good time but no later than three (3) weeks before. Proposals from individual members that shall be voted on in the AGM must be submitted in writing no later than four (4) weeks before the AGM. Such proposals and also those from the committee shall be made available to members three (3) weeks before the AGM. Proposals for changing the articles of association shall be submitted no later than six (6) weeks before the AGM be made available to members three (3) weeks before the AGM.

§ 13 AGM agenda

At the AGM the following points are to be covered:

1. Pick a chairperson for the AGM.

2. Counting and verifying the quota.

3. Picking a secretary to write the minutes of meeting.

4. Picking a person to verify the minutes of meeting.

5. Verify that the announcement of the AGM was done in accordance to section 12.

6. Reading of the yearly report.
7. Auditors report.

8. Acceptance of the Association accounts.

9. Agreement to free the committee from responsibility

10.Vote to pick a committee Chairperson.

12. Vote to pick the other committee members.

13. Vote to pick the other alternate committee members.

14. Vote to pick the auditor and alternate auditor.

16. Consideration of matters that the committee have delayed until the AGM or other matters that individual members had submitted in writing at least 21 weeks before the AGM.

17. Other matters arising .


Extra AGM shall be called when the auditor, committee or at least half of the association’s members so request. Notice for the extraordinary AGM shall be sent out to every member in writing at least w3 weeks
ahead. The agenda and motions shall be sent with the notice. The extraordinary AGM can only discuss the matters written in the notice.


Association meeting shall be held at least once a year. The notice of meeting shall be available at least
one (1) week ahead and in a method decide by the board.


The board meets when called by the Chairperson or when at least half of the board member so decides. Notice shall be given in good time, but no later than one (1) week before. Board members who cannot attend should immediately inform the secretary so that the alternate members may be called to attend.


The board has a quorum when at least three (3) members are present of which not more than one (1) is an alternate member. Only those members present vote counts. Motions are decided either by a yes or by a raising of hands. Open voting is standard unless otherwise decided or instructed. With an even vote the Chairperson’s vote is decisive.

§ 18 AUDIT

Revision of the association’s accounts and the boards’ management of the association’s funds one (1) auditor and one (1) alternate auditor shall be appointed. These two posts shall be filled at the AGM.


Modification of the articles of association is allowed after at least two thirds (4/5) majority at an AGM.


To dissolve the association requires a decision at two (2) consecutive meetings of which one (1) must be an AGM and the motion at the last meeting passed with at least two thirds (2/3) of the association’s voting members. At the last meeting the disposal of the associations assets is to be decided.

Our vision is deeply rooted in the organization's firm belief that the Nigerian Diaspora can make significant contributions to Nigeria through programmes, projects, policies, and advocacy.

Nigerians in Diaspora Organization is organized to accomplish the following objectives:

1. Harness Nigerian Diaspora Resources  - Leverage Nigerian Diaspora economic, human, and technology resources for Nigeria's development. 
2. Build Information Resource-Sharing Structures - Facilitate discovery and transfer of Nigerian professionals in Diaspora to the Nigeria's public and private sectors to enhance development of the latter.
3. Strengthen Collectiveness and Influence  -  Mobilize vast support, and promote cooperation and networking among Nigerians in Diaspora
4 Promote unity, ethnic understanding and communications among Nigerian organizations, corporations, and individuals in Europe.
5. Provide support to other Nigerian organizations to accomplish their good intensions towards nation building.
6. Promote civic awareness and advocacy in matters affecting, and issues vital to its constituency.
7. Provide linkages, policy input, and guidance to government.
8. Promote Nigeria
9. Enhance image of Nigeria to strengthen business, travel.
10. Facilitate and encourage investment into Nigeria's economy and work towards protection of such investors
11.Promote, support and encourage global trade awareness and ethical consciousness that foster positive business climate between Nigeria and other nations.

Executive Members

Ernest Ngadiuba

(+46 (0) 70415 8382)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dr. Mrs Halima Amedu Balogun



Mr. Kingsley Kejuo



Mr Saliu Amedu