Our vision is deeply rooted in the organization's firm belief that the Nigerian Diaspora can make significant contributions to Nigeria through programmes, projects, policies, and advocacy.

Nigerians in Diaspora Organization is organized to accomplish the following objectives:

1. Harness Nigerian Diaspora Resources  - Leverage Nigerian Diaspora economic, human, and technology resources for Nigeria's development. 
2. Build Information Resource-Sharing Structures - Facilitate discovery and transfer of Nigerian professionals in Diaspora to the Nigeria's public and private sectors to enhance development of the latter.
3. Strengthen Collectiveness and Influence  -  Mobilize vast support, and promote cooperation and networking among Nigerians in Diaspora
4 Promote unity, ethnic understanding and communications among Nigerian organizations, corporations, and individuals in Europe.
5. Provide support to other Nigerian organizations to accomplish their good intensions towards nation building.
6. Promote civic awareness and advocacy in matters affecting, and issues vital to its constituency.
7. Provide linkages, policy input, and guidance to government.
8. Promote Nigeria
9. Enhance image of Nigeria to strengthen business, travel.
10. Facilitate and encourage investment into Nigeria's economy and work towards protection of such investors
11.Promote, support and encourage global trade awareness and ethical consciousness that foster positive business climate between Nigeria and other nations.