NIDO Members Sweden Chapter
 Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Sweden (NIDO) is an organization that was founded on the idea of developing an  effective, unified platform for Nigerians abroad to harness their talents, expertise and resources for Nigeria's development and nation building.

NIDO Sweden is an organization aimed at improving Nigeria mainly in the technical, professional and educational fields. Initially launched by Vice President A. Atiku in February 2002 at the Nordic History Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

 We are a group of dedicated academics and professionals who meet to discuss issues at home and explore what contributions, especially from Sweden, can be made to benefit Nigeria and Nigerians. Currently one of our members is active in introducing electricity sourced from bio wastes.


The vision is deeply rooted in the organization's firm belief that the Nigerian Diaspora can make significant contributions to Nigeria through programmes, projects, policies, and advocacy. NIDO envisions an overriding framework and philosophy that resonates with every Nigerian man, woman, organization and friend of Nigeria abroad; thereby setting the foundation for a profound opportunity to unite, collaborate to effect requisite changes in Nigeria.


Membership is open to everyone who is committed to the development of Nigeria. Membership is initiated by a current full member.